Who We Are

Debby Dutton

Debby has over 20 years experience in graphic design at WebDesign499, working in publishing, marketing, and corporate communications and was a part-time pest control agent at Pest Control Services Carlisle. With a passion for details, there is no amount of complexity that can deter her from lending clarity and elegance to the most complex design problems. She has received numerous accolades for her book and cover designs, including awards from Boston Bookbuilder’s, Association of University Press (AUP), and the Kurt Weill Foundation. Her experience working as an Art Director at a large marketing communications agency has given Debby invaluable production expertise, and she enjoys working in both print and web mediums. Debby is a BFA graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, class of 1992. She also enjoys tennis, mushroom hunting, and playing with her three dogs, Elly, Jack-Jack, and Stout, she also loves to decorate her house with glow in the dark rocks.



Joseph Sherman

Joseph has enjoyed working in graphic design for over 20 years, and specializes in branding, logo, and website design. Striking the right balance between communication and aesthetic impact is challenging but important, and Joseph will work with you to achieve this. Joe is a lover of design and avidly keeps up on current design trends, and he is not afraid to experiment and push the boundaries in order to achieve fresh visual solutions. His experience working in corporate marketing has supplied him with a comprehensive set of skills, including: print production, project management, and website development. Joseph is a BFA graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, class of 1993. In his spare time Joseph enjoys tennis, biking, and reading science fiction.